IPMEN 2021 Call for Presenters

October 2020 Update

Although the IPMEN 2021 conference has now been cancelled as a face-to-face meeting, we have left details of our Call for Presenter details here for the time being.

The IPMEN 2021 conference theme of One Ocean, Many Connections reflects not only the overall goal of working towards a sustainable ocean but also an emphasis on networking and connections that involve underrepresented voices. As well as the usual scientists and educators, we aim to hear from elders with traditional knowledge of ocean systems and the young people to whom we entrust the future of ocean systems.

The following five strands are planned for IPMEN 2021 keynote presentations and concurrent sessions over the three days of the conference. The conference organising committee is also exploring a range of options to make this a green (sustainable living) conference for participants.

  • Land and sea connections – thinking holistically about the ocean and land and our activities on them.
  • Connecting traditional knowledge and modern ways – exploring the synergy of respecting and incorporating many ways of knowing.
  • Improving connections between communities and ocean science – building a generation of scientists, educators, citizens and decision makers who work together to support sustainability of the ocean and coastal communities.
  • Connecting local actions with global engagements – utilizing the coconut wireless (local networks) to broadband (global) webs to share and collaborate on ocean education and research projects.
  • Continuing to build international connections and networks – building and realising regional marine education associations and linking them internationally.

If you submitted a Call for Presenters form for IPMEN 2021 we will contact you soon.