IPMEN 2023 Call for Presenters

All presentations (in-person or virtual) and workshops must address one of the four IPMEN 2023 conference strands. Delegates attending IPMEN 2023 will be able to choose from one of three possible presentation formats:

  1. 15-minute presentation (10-minute presentation 5-minute question time)
  2. A 5-minute pre-recorded video or poster as a “lightening” presentation
  3. A hands-on workshop – up to 1 hour long

Virtual IPMEN 2023 conference delegates will be invited to submit 5-minute pre-recorded videos focusing on one of the four conference strands.

The first call for IPMEN 2023 presentations open at – Call for Presenters – closes June 16

Please Note: all presenters, either in person or virtual, must register for the conference. 

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