IPMEN 2023 Sponsors and Supporters

IPMEN 2023 Sponsors

The IPMEN 2023 conference committee has benefited from the generous funding support of the following organisations:

Ocean Networks Canada (ONC) By hosting our 2023 conference ONC has now taken on the role of Gold Sponsor for IPMEN 2023
The National Marine Education Association has sponsored the Magical Marine Mystery Tour between Victoria BC and Bellingham WA to become a Silver Sponsor for IPMEN 2023Still Seeking Sponsors

IPMEN 2023 Supporters 

The IPMEN 2021 Conference Committee has also benefited from the generous in-kind support from the following organizations:  

Nautilus Educational (Australia)
National Marine Education Association
Saltwater Projects (Australia)
Asian Marine Educator Association 

For further information, please contact Harry Breidahl at nautilus.ed@me.com (IPMEN 2023 conference committee, Australia)

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