Travel to Victoria

Our aim is to have all delegates arrive in Victoria on Monday, July 17. For all delegates not already based on Vancouver Island (international delegates and delegates from other Canadian provinces) there will be four ways to achieve this – the first two options involve direct travel to Victoria while the last two options are for delegates who will first need to stop-over in either Vancouver or Seattle.

Option 1: You may be able to fly direct to Victoria. For example, there are some direct flights to Victoria International Airport YYJ from some Canadian cities and from Seattle and Hawai’i in the USA. 

Option 2: As we are ocean people attending an ocean themed conference, travel by ferry should also be an option well worth considering, especially if you are travelling from either Vancouver or Seattle. From Vancouver BC Ferries run from Tsawwassen to Swartz Bay. These two ferry terminals are conveniently linked to downtown Vancouver and Victoria by the BC Ferries Connector bus service. From Seattle the Victoria Clipper offers a daily service to Victoria. Finally, although this service is currently not operating, Washington State Ferries may reinstate their service from Anacortes WA to Sidney on Vancouver Island by July. 

The next two options are for those delegates who must first fly into either Vancouver or Seattle. Connection to flights or ferries to Victoria may require an overnight stay in Vancouver or Seattle.

Option 3: Delegates flying into Vancouver International Airport YVR can then fly to Victoria International Airport YYJ or travel to Victoria by ferry using the combination of the BC Ferries Connect bus and BC Ferries described above. 

Option 4: Delegates flying into Seattle can then fly to Victoria International Airport YYJ or travel to Victoria by ferry using the Victoria Clipper service described above.

Travel from Victoria: The IPMEN 2023 conference will end on Thursday July 20 with delegates travelling home or to the NMEA 2023 conference in Bellingham WA on Friday July 21. Those delegates not travelling to Bellingham should retrace the steps they took in travelling to Victoria while the IPMEN 2023 conference committee is currently working to offer delegates headed for NMEA 2023 a travel package. 

Option 1: If the Washington State Ferries service from Sidney to Anacortes has been reinstated, we would most likely opt to offer this service (combined with group bus transfers at each end). 

Option 2: If the ferry from Sidney to Anacortes is not running in July, we will most likely choose the Victoria Clipper Service from Victoria to Seattle and arrange a group bus from Seattle to Bellingham. 

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