June 2021 Update

As the IPMEN 2021 conference has now been cancelled as a face-to-face meeting scholarships will no longer be an option.

Just by way of background, in the past IPMEN conference committees have been able to offer scholarships to delegates from low-income Pacific nations (World Bank ranking) and to other small island nations and territories in the Pacific. However, the IPMEN 2021 conference committee was unable to offer such scholarships but we did encourage potential delegates to attempt to find their own scholarship funds and we may be able to assist by providing a letter of support to potential funders.

The value of networks such as IPMEN was recently expressed by Kerstin Forsberg of the Peru based group called Planeta Océan. Kerstin was supported with a scholarship to attend IPMEN 2010 in Fiji. The next IPMEN conference was held in Chile in 2012 (IPMEN 2012 brochure below).

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