IPMEN Japan 2014 Video

The week was an extraordinary lifetime experience for all of us who participated.  There are a number of video records that were created.

This is the video produced by Professor Sasaki and his team, the organizers of the conference.  http://youtu.be/svpzOdl1pnw

We will be updating this page with a day by day sequence of videos.

10th July Thursday
Airport to Hotel

11th July Friday
0900-1000  Tokyo Fish Market
1000-1030  Travel to Research Vessel
1030-1130  Research Vessel of TUMSAT
1130-1200  Travel to Ministry of Education
1200-1300 Visit Ministry of Education
1330-1430 Lunch
1445-1650 Edo Museum
1700-1730 Workshop Sato-Umi/Tennozu Isle
1800-2000 Dinner

12th July    Saturday
0900-1700  Conference Presentations at TUMSAT
1800-2000 Meet Member of Parliament for Marine Affairs. Dinner on boat around Tokyo

13th July    Sunday
0700-1030  Travel to Morioka Station on Shinkansen  Train
1030-1100  Greeeting from Vice President of IWATE University and IWATE Prefecture officials.
1130-1230   Welcome lunch and Wanko Soba eating competition Azumaya Restaurant
1230-1330   Nakatsu River fiedl trip, local fishing customs and practices, river ecosystems
1330-1530   Travel to Hayachine Mountain
1600-2000  Activities on the river and dinner with local people and business

14th July    Monday
0800-1000  Travel to Fishery Science Museum
1000-1200 Lecture on Sanriku Recreation Park
Lecture on Sanriku Geopark
Lecture on Jomon Village
1200-1300 Lunch – Bento
1400-1600 Marine Environmental Activities with local schools at Jodogahama Beach
1600-2000 Dinner and Traditional Drumming show. Meet and share with fishermen, dancers and people.
2000             Accommodation in Miyako. Miyako Central Hotel, Kumayasu and Jodogahama Ryokan.

15th July Tuesday
0800-1000 Breakfast. optional, local fish market
1000-1030  Visit new seafood processing company
1030-1100  Travel to Iwate University Aquaculture Research Center Yamada
1100- 1330 Professor Kajiwara Iwate University and  Sea Skirt Aquaculture
1330-1400  Travel to Otsuchi
1400-1430  Meet Mayor of Otsuchi
1430-1500 Walk to top of hill in childrens footsteps. Witness Tsunami effects. See personal home that washed away.
1500-1600 Visit area of three spined stickle back  – Gensui River
1600-1700 Visit destroyed Tokyo University Research Center
1800-2000 Dinner with local chamber of commerce and political leaders – KirikiriZenbei Restaurant
2000              Business Inn Yamada and Hotel Hamagiku

16th July Wednesday
0915-1015 Travel to Iwate University Sanriku Suisan Fisheries Research Center,
Kitasato University, Iwate Prefecture
1015-1200 Lectures
1200-1300 Lunch – Conference Closing Event
1300-1500 Travel to train station Shinhanamaki
1500-            Shinkansen train to Tokyo
2100              Informal dinner in Tokyo

17th July Thursday