Getting to Manado



Special deal for Garuda Indonesia passengers

We’re proud to announce that we’ve chosen SkyTeam as our Official Alliance Network for air travel.

We would like to offer you seamless air travel via SkyTeam Global Meetings to our event. Our registered Global Meetings event offers you attractive airfares. By booking and buying your airline ticket via the dedicated link below, you will benefit from:

Savings – take advantage of exclusive discounts up to 15% in both Business and Economy Class; no fee for your online bookings.

Convenience – book the most convenient itinerary online with any of the 20 SkyTeam member airlines.

Reward Miles – earn Miles on your frequent flyer program of a SkyTeam member airline and save on your future travels

Valuable services – SkyTeam Elite Plus, First and Business Class customers will experience SkyPriority, the alliance network red-carpet treatment, and will get access to the exclusive SkyTeam lounges.

SkyTeam network – travel to your event from virtually anywhere in the world with over 16,270 daily flights covering more than 1,050 destinations in 179 countries.

To book your air travel now, visit our page at SkyTeam and enter our Event ID: 3219S

For more detailed information on flights to and from Manado click here 

Garuda Special Deal

Garuda is offering the following discounts for all passengers flying to conference that use their services. If you would like to use this discount with Garuda please email us for more details.

This deal needs to be booked in a Garuda office.

a. 13% discount on tickets domestic flight routes with Garuda Indonesia, of any class of business and economy class s / d the lowest class (J / C / D / Y / B / M / K / N / Q / T class).

b. 20% discount on tickets for international routes with Garuda Indonesia, any class of business and economy class s / d the lowest class (J / C / D / Y / B / M / K / N / Q / T class) 

c. The prices do not include taxes