Date: 10 – 13 August 2016
Location: Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia

The main theme of the conference will be:

Making a Splash: Moving Education into Action

Within this main theme the following five strands will encourage input from many different marine educators, influential within traditional educational institutions (such as schools and universities), and non-traditional teaching (such as through community-based activities, recreational diving, citizen-science projects, electronic media etc):

  1. Innovation in Marine Education – using new and different teaching methods to deliver the marine message and reach a wider audience.
  2. Sea Stories and Coastal Culture – integrating traditional knowledge into formal and informal marine education.
  3. Partnerships for Change – connecting across the seas to achieve common goals and strengthening projects through collaboration.
  4. Sustainable Seas – utilizing the oceans’ resources to ensure their survival for future generations.
  5. Making Science Accessible – demonstrating the relevance of science in our everyday lives and helping to create a more marine literate society

Marine educators from across the Pacific will gather in Manado (and elsewhere via web-conferencing) to exchange knowledge, experiences and ideas to improve the quality and effectiveness of teaching about the marine environment, resources and human impacts. They will build on previous work by IPMEN and continue to share resources and develop collaborations. The conference is scheduled to immediately follow a two day meeting of the Indonesian Marine Educators Network (held in Manado August 8 and 9)

Have a look at the full conference program and all the activities that are part of this conference.

Accommodation for the conference will be at the Tateli Beach Resort, bookings will be made with conference registration.

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